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Also, remember to vote as often as possible! Joff will be hosting ingame events for every few votes! Check discord for updates on this!

Hope to see u ingame!

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  4. Bug Fixes - Farming skill was added 100% working with new location - NPC (Master Fisher) has been added at fishing - Cooking on fires now works - Fixed fishing NPCS at Fishing Guild - Donator ranks have been updated - Hammer was added to the deposit box - Woodcutting evil tree was made less AFK - Ranks for Donator in yell being different is fixed - Donator scrolls need to be changed so does ::collect - Report abuse now directs to "Report a Player" section on the forums. - Fixed the Onyx price - Altar for Veng was added at ::sdzone - Vampire at Godwars was fixed - Optimized voting and fixed claiming - Updated voting - Changed abyssal whip animations to fit newer models - Added 667 Character models for females Enjoy!
  5. Joff

    Store Info

    There will be monthly promotions on different items! We will run a poll on what u would like to see in the store monthly too! !PROMOTIONS! Diamond Member Package - includes: 2x 100$ towards your ingame donated total. (This equals 1 diamond member account or 2 ruby donator accounts!) Along with the 100$ it also grants 160 points to be spend in the ingame in the donator shops! (This means 320 points if u use them both on the same account!) And last, it grants u the Zamorak Wings, a custom item (cape slot) with great stats and a great brutal look! Darth Maul Torva Gear - includes: The full Dart Maul Torva Outfit! Along with the whip ofcourse. This is by far the bestgear to have ingame! With the insane stats, u will tank almost everything! If that ain’t enough, the Darth Maul Whip is the strongenst ingame weapon, giving insane bonuses. Along with that it hits 2 times faster than a regular whip! This makes it a great pvp weapon! Combined with the full outfit, u can hit up to 123! (Tested on my account, could be more!!) Ranks: Bronze Member - 10$ Silver Member - 20$ Gold Member- 50$ Ruby Member - 100$ Diamond Member - 200$ Please note: Anything item bought priced over 250$ automatically comes with Gold Member Rank along with 80 donator points! (Worth 50$!) Scrolls: 5$ Scroll Grants 5$ towards ur rank Grants 10 Donator Points 10$ Scroll Grants 10$ towards ur rank Grants 20 Donator Points 25$ Scroll Grants 25$ towards ur rank Grants 50 Donator Points 50$ Scroll Grants 50$ towards ur rank Grants 100 Donator Points 100$ Scroll Grants 100$ towards ur rank Grants 200 Donator Points
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  7. <a href="http://revonx.com/"><img src="http://revonx.com/image/banner.gif" title="RevonX" alt="RevonX"></a> copy this and add it to any forum as ur signature to help us get new members! Some forums might not accept that code, in that case use this: [url=http://revonx.com/][img=http://revonx.com/image/banner.gif][/url]
  8. Forum has been reset and redone. If u have any suggestions on what there should be added, please leave them below or reach out to me on discord. For re-gaining ur rank feel free to pm me or adam and we will get onto asap. Sorry for the inconvenience. -Joff
  9. Joff

    New Loader Guide

    Hey guys! as you all probably know by now, we've updated our launcher with some new features. You can now access settings in the top right hand corner, which will allows you to Force update the client, close all open games, and open your client location: We also have a new feature where if you hover over Vote & Store a mini window will pop open (no browser required) If you wish to disable this option You can head to settings and untick the option If you have any further questions feel free to pm Lokii or Adam on Discord or Forums Originally poster by Lokii
  10. Bug Fixes: * Fixed Bird Nests (money making was abused) * Voting and Highscores are now working * Fixed client from crashing in resizable * Fixed kraken teleport in boss tab * fixed wildy wyrm boss respawn (wasn't respawning) * statius platelegs have the proper model now * staff no longer can use ::teleto in dungeoneering * Steel battle-axes no longer look like abyssal whips when dropped * Iron and adamant arrows dropped image fixed * Spiritbloom and Roseblood robes now have prices in Thessalia's shop at ::shops * Slash Bash boss is no longer in wildernes * Boss teleports that are in the wildy have teleport warnings now * Farming & Cooking have been fixed * Problem with Jad respawning has been fixed * Fixed a weird bug where if you had the xp counter open while claiming a dungeoneering lamp there would be a black box appear on the screen * Fixed NPc 'max' no longer has invisible head * non-donators can no longer teleport to donatorzones * thermo nuclear dust devils no longer cause fps drop Content Updates: * New Home Area * New donator zone (for people who have donated $10+) , new higher level donator zone (for people who have donated $100 +) * Serpentine helm now deals poison damage to whatever npc you are attacking and also gives you immunity to poison when equipped * Decreased the xp rate * Evil tree kindling value in the general store has been decreased * Donators no longer have drop prioty over other players * Drop rate for serpentine helm and blowpipe from Zulrah has been changed to 1/500 * Decreased the rate at which you gain resources from evil tree and crashed star * Added drygore mace, longsword and rapier to donator store 2, 75 donator points each Originally posted by Lokii
  11. New updates thanks to our Developers () Fixed Monkey Guard Area bug, no longer resets stats and makes you lose equipment and items. () Prayer curses drain rate has been fixed, no longer drains rapidly () Fixed spawn rate for General Khazard (spawns every 2 minutes) () Teleport location for slash bash boss has been fixed, no longer teleports you into the sea () Trivia can no longer be answered multiple times by the same person by relogging () Changed crystal chest benefits so that as you move up the ranks of donator you have a higher % chance to not use a key while opening the chest. () Drygore Armours and weapons have now been set at tier 90 level requirements () Combat styles tab no longer shows kick/punch/ while wielding weapons, will show stab, slash etc () Added in a checker to login to make sure you a running the most up-to-date client, if you aren't you will get a message asking you to reload the launcher to update. this is to avoid exploiters from using an out-dated client that would possibly contain a dupe or glitch that would give them an advantage over other players. Originally posted by Lokii
  12. Big Thanks to Goon and Javatar for these updates. All available boss pet drops have been moved to 1/1000 drop rate. Bonus XP Well now requires 300m gp to fill, and provides a 1.5x xp bonus Warning interface added for Wilderness teleports Added Trident of the Seas to 'Kraken' Boss Added magic Fang to 'Zulrah' Boss (fang also works on trident to make 'trident of the swamp') Minor Staff Rank icons updates. including Youtuber and GFX Rank Fixed a Few drop tables for GWD (added items, changed drop rates to more suitable ones) KBD now has 'dragon kiteshield' added to drop table (1/1000) 'Thermonuclear Smoke Devil' Boss now has the 3 new combat amulets added as 1/500 drop rate (amulet of anguish, amulet of torture and occult necklace. 'Scorpia' Boss in Wilderness now has 'odium ward' shield added to drop table (1/500) Staff Crowns and Developer icons have been added to minimap interface. Originally posted by Lokii
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