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We are now online! 

Download the launcher by clicking the “Play Now” button at the top!

Also, remember to vote as often as possible! Joff will be hosting ingame events for every few votes! Check discord for updates on this!

Hope to see u ingame!


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  1. Bug Fixes - Farming skill was added 100% working with new location - NPC (Master Fisher) has been added at fishing - Cooking on fires now works - Fixed fishing NPCS at Fishing Guild - Donator ranks have been updated - Hammer was added to the deposit box - Woodcutting evil tree was made less AFK - Ranks for Donator in yell being different is fixed - Donator scrolls need to be changed so does ::collect - Report abuse now directs to "Report a Player" section on the forums. - Fixed the Onyx price - Altar for Veng was added at ::sdzone - Vampire at Godwars was fixed - Optimized voting and fixed claiming - Updated voting - Changed abyssal whip animations to fit newer models - Added 667 Character models for females Enjoy!