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We are now online! 

Download the launcher by clicking the “Play Now” button at the top!

Also, remember to vote as often as possible! Joff will be hosting ingame events for every few votes! Check discord for updates on this!

Hope to see u ingame!

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Updates 6th December 2018

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  1. Big Thanks to Goon and Javatar for these updates.


  • All available boss pet drops have been moved to 1/1000 drop rate.
  • Bonus XP Well now requires 300m gp to fill, and provides a 1.5x xp bonus
  • Warning interface added for Wilderness teleports
  • Added Trident of the Seas to 'Kraken' Boss 
  • Added magic Fang to 'Zulrah' Boss (fang also works on trident to make 'trident of the swamp')
  • Minor Staff Rank icons updates. including Youtuber and GFX Rank
  • Fixed a Few drop tables for GWD (added items, changed drop rates to more suitable ones)
  • KBD now has 'dragon kiteshield' added to drop table (1/1000)
  • 'Thermonuclear Smoke Devil' Boss now has the 3 new combat amulets added as 1/500 drop rate (amulet of anguish, amulet of torture and occult necklace.
  • 'Scorpia' Boss in Wilderness now has 'odium ward' shield added to drop table (1/500)
  • Staff Crowns and Developer icons have been added to minimap interface.


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