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We are now online! 

Download the launcher by clicking the “Play Now” button at the top!

Also, remember to vote as often as possible! Joff will be hosting ingame events for every few votes! Check discord for updates on this!

Hope to see u ingame!

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Updates 13th December 2018

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New updates thanks to our Developers

  • () Fixed Monkey Guard Area bug, no longer resets stats and makes you lose equipment and items.
  • () Prayer curses drain rate has been fixed, no longer drains rapidly
  • () Fixed spawn rate for General Khazard (spawns every 2 minutes)
  • () Teleport location for slash bash boss has been fixed, no longer teleports you into the sea
  • () Trivia can no longer be answered multiple times by the same person by relogging
  • () Changed crystal chest benefits so that as you move up the ranks of donator you have a higher % chance to not use a key while opening the chest.
  • () Drygore Armours and weapons have now been set at tier 90 level requirements
  • () Combat styles tab no longer shows kick/punch/ while wielding weapons, will show stab, slash etc
  • () Added in a checker to login to make sure you a running the most up-to-date client, if you aren't you will get a message asking you to reload the launcher to update. this is to avoid exploiters from using an out-dated client that would possibly contain a dupe or glitch that would give them an advantage over other players.



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