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We are now online! 

Download the launcher by clicking the “Play Now” button at the top!

Also, remember to vote as often as possible! Joff will be hosting ingame events for every few votes! Check discord for updates on this!

Hope to see u ingame!

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Updates 29th December 2018

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Bug Fixes:

* Fixed Bird Nests (money making was abused)

* Voting and Highscores are now working

* Fixed client from crashing in resizable

* Fixed kraken teleport in boss tab

* fixed wildy wyrm boss respawn (wasn't respawning)

* statius platelegs have the proper model now

* staff no longer can use ::teleto in dungeoneering

* Steel battle-axes no longer look like abyssal whips when dropped

* Iron and adamant arrows dropped image fixed

* Spiritbloom and Roseblood robes now have prices in Thessalia's shop at ::shops

* Slash Bash boss is no longer in wildernes

* Boss teleports that are in the wildy have teleport warnings now

* Farming & Cooking have been fixed

* Problem with Jad respawning has been fixed

* Fixed a weird bug where if you had the xp counter open while claiming a dungeoneering lamp there would be a black box appear on the screen

* Fixed NPc 'max' no longer has invisible head

* non-donators can no longer teleport to donatorzones

* thermo nuclear dust devils no longer cause fps drop

Content Updates:

* New Home Area

* New donator zone (for people who have donated $10+) , new higher level donator zone (for people who have donated $100 +)

* Serpentine helm now deals poison damage to whatever npc you are attacking and also gives you immunity to poison when equipped

* Decreased the xp rate

* Evil tree kindling value in the general store has been decreased

* Donators no longer have drop prioty over other players

* Drop rate for serpentine helm and blowpipe from Zulrah has been changed to 1/500

* Decreased the rate at which you gain resources from evil tree and crashed star

* Added drygore mace, longsword and rapier to donator store 2, 75 donator points each



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