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Double XP Weekend


Ingame Events
Mod Joff

This event repeats every 7 days forever

Event details

Every weekend double xp will be turned on! This is the best time to do your skilling!

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  • Important Updates

    • Hey guys!   After a long time being down due to an unknown crash, we managed to find the problem and run an update to fix it. We are sorry for the problem and for all you guys waiting to hop online.   Cause of this, want to compensate you all. We would like to give everyone 25 credits. This should give you a boost, or you can save up and get the Inferno adze (75 points). So be sure to vote if you would like that!   If you have any other questions or find any other bugs, please contact one of our staff members.   Thanks you guys for staying with us during this.   -Mod Joff  
    • Hey guys! Currently, as we getting new members, we are gonna run a little donator event!   Below u will find the reward u get upon donating! Please note: This is only for donations of 15$ or more! We will Strike the ones that are claimed!   Lets get into it! Upon donating an amount of 15$ or more, you will recieve a little extra!   The first 5 donators will recieve a perk, for free (!!!) along with their rank or other perks.   The first to donate: Any perk, worth up to 5$   The second to donate: Any perk, worth up 4$   The third to donate: Any perk, worth up to 3$   The fourth to donate: Any perk, worth up to 3$   The fifth to donate: Any perk, work up to 3$   This post will be closed after the event is done! Please contact me, to recieve this little extra.   -Mod Joff
    • Out With the Old in With the New! After spending sometime analyzing & glancing at the server it as whole, we realized wasn't up to par in terms of content & the type of server we wanted to provide for the community & what we really wanted for the server to become. It was very buggy, laggy, and the implemented code is atrocious. Along with this as many of you know we had a major setback having to reset everyone due to issues within the server staff which is and has been taken care of since the reset with no internal problems whatsoever. While not to many people logged in after the reset we decided to move onto a larger project. Doing this, would mean we would have to swap the sources & client.   RevonX-HD Remake! This project will be a direct emulation of RuneScape in the 2008-2011 years, AKA RS2-HD. A new server has already started to be worked on and additional info will be coming in the next week or two! I hope you guys understand and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Adam, Joff or Javatar. Thank you! Everyone enjoy your day & hope to talk/see you in-game soon!   Sneak Peak Media Below!    The Development Team