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  1. Feel free to come up with locations!
  2. Hey guys! After a long time being down due to an unknown crash, we managed to find the problem and run an update to fix it. We are sorry for the problem and for all you guys waiting to hop online. Cause of this, want to compensate you all. We would like to give everyone 25 credits. This should give you a boost, or you can save up and get the Inferno adze (75 points). So be sure to vote if you would like that! If you have any other questions or find any other bugs, please contact one of our staff members. Thanks you guys for staying with us during this. -Mod Joff
  3. Hey guys! Currently, as we getting new members, we are gonna run a little donator event! Below u will find the reward u get upon donating! Please note: This is only for donations of 15$ or more! We will Strike the ones that are claimed! Lets get into it! Upon donating an amount of 15$ or more, you will recieve a little extra! The first 5 donators will recieve a perk, for free (!!!) along with their rank or other perks. The first to donate: Any perk, worth up to 5$ The second to donate: Any perk, worth up 4$ The third to donate: Any perk, worth up to 3$ The fourth to donate: Any perk, worth up to 3$ The fifth to donate: Any perk, work up to 3$ This post will be closed after the event is done! Please contact me, to recieve this little extra. -Mod Joff
  4. Hey guys! Below u will find a list of all the post ranks u can achieve on the forums! Bronze User - 0 Posts Iron User - 5 Posts Steel User - 10 Posts Mithril User - 15 Posts Adamant User - 20 Posts Rune User - 30 Posts Dragon User - 50 Posts Bandos User - 75 Posts Barrows User - 100 Posts Armadyl User - 150 Posts Third Age User - 200 Posts Can you guys get all the way up to Third Age User !? Goodluck on achieving these ranks! -The Development Team
  5. Hey guys! Currently the location of the revenants are all over the wilderness, I've recieved a suggestion to move them to one location somewhere in the wilderness. What I want to know from you guys, do you think we should move them to one location, or keep them the way they are now? Let me explain on how revenants spawn right now: Currently the revenants are located all over the willderness, starting at around wildy lvl 15 all the way up to lvl 55. Also your combat lvl will be taken into notice when you try to attack the revenants. So, if u guys want to see the revenants moved to one location, please answer the poll and provide a location below! Please note: We will NOT be moving the revenants under lvl 30 wildy, we still want it to be a challenge for u guys. Also, if we move them to one location, should we keep the random spawns around the wildy, or remove these completely? Hope to hear from you guys soon! -Mod Joff
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    Hey there my friendly guy! POOKie POWER FTW! 🙌
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    Double XP Weekend

    Every weekend double xp will be turned on! This is the best time to do your skilling!
  8. Below u will find all the perks u will be able to buy in the shop, along with their description and price! Let us now what u think of this idea! Stamina Boost - 3$ Increase your stamina and run regeneration by a total of 40%. Green Thumb - 5$ With a 35% lifetime increase in your crops growing up healthy, they will be saved and you will also receive a better crop yield! Bird Man - 3$ Increase your rate of receiving a bird nest drop by 35%! Stoner - 3$ Increase your rate of receiving a gem stone drop by 35%! Unbreakeable Forge - 1$ Ring of forging never breaks. Out Of Grave Danger - 3$ Your gravestone will last up to twice as long with this perk. Sleight Of Hand - 3$ With sleight of hand you will increase your success rates in all aspects of thieving. This includes pickpocketing and cracking wall safes for gems. Master Chef - 3$ As a soon to be Master Chef, you will receive a 20% increase in successfully cooking your food! Divine Intervention - 4$ The gods above intervene with your burying of bones. You have a 10% chance while burying a bone to keep it instead. Familiar Whisperer - 3$ Get to know your familiar better by increasing their lifespan by 50%. Barrows Befriender- 20$ Befriend the barrows brothers & never experience the wretched degrading of their armour again. Abyss Befriender - 10$ Use the power of the abyss to make your Runecrafting pouches undegradable. Charge Befriender - 15$ The God's of the Hero's guild have blessed you with the power to use your jewerly free of charge. Golden Needle - 2$ Gain an extra 10% experience whilst spinning something on a spinning wheel, including flax. Creating an item made out of dragonhide rewards an extra 5% experience. Your crafting needle also never breaks and thread is consumed less often. Slayer Betrayer - 50$ Obtain the ability through the Slayer Masters to change your slayer task at will. Type ::resettask to use. Thirst Quencher - 1$ The gods have blessed you with the knowledge of the deserts to gain the skills required to tap into an unlimited water supply. Double Trouble- 10$ Experience a chance of receiving double the resources through skills such as, mining, woodcutting, fishing, and many more. Godwars Befriender - 7$ Now blessed by the gods you have the ability to enter the chambers with a killcount of 30. You will also be granted half the time it takes to recharge at an altar. Prayer Betrayer - 15$ Experience half the prayer drain rate when this perk is enabled. Spell Swap - 5$ The ability to swap spell books without any charge of runes. Cannot be used in combat or in the wilderness. Dwarf Befriender - 8$ Befriended by the dwarfs you now have the ability to use double the cannon balls and experience no decay on your cannon. PowerPoint - 15$ This perk grants you double the points in all minigames. Charm Collector - 7$ Through the power of summoning you will automatically pick up any charms dropped in battle. Detective - 15$ You now have a solid 10% chance of a clue scroll drop from any monster that drops clues as well as a 50% better chance of super rare rewards such as 3rd age. You'll also experience a 50% increased chance to obtain more loot. Overcharge - 8$ The power from the overcharge lords is given to you. Your Dragonfire Shield will recharge fully every 10 minutes. The time between casts is also reduced by 50%. Unbreakable Cystal - 18$ This perk allows for your crystal bow to never degrade. Crusader - 8$ With this perk you will have a 25% chance to double loot the barrows chest. Pet Befriender - 5$ This perk gives you the ability to double your chances on getting boss/skilling pets!