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  1. Miss Swifty's All-in-one guide to Thieving So, we want to train our Thieving skill in RevonX; to obtain the highest possible level and obtain an illustrious Thieving Cape to show off your achievement. Or maybe we just want some "free" stuff... Either way, this is the place to learn how. Thieving is a particularly easy skill to start because really, there are no requirements. All of the best methods are only locked behind higher thieving levels and we don't need anything more than our starter food to begin. As always, the XP/actions required uses the following format: Normal amount | Ironman amount | Ultimate Iron amount Contents Levels 1 - 5 Levels 5 - 40 Levels 40 - 70 (Optionally 99) Levels 50 - 70 (Optionally 99) Levels 70 - 80 Levels 80 - 99 Levels 1 - 5 To start off, our only real option is to men. This isn't particularly rewarding but thankfully this part takes virtually no time at all. The best place to find men is in Lumbridge. XP per steal: 680 | 340 | 170 Steals required for level 7: 1 | 2 | 3 Levels 5 - 40 At level 5 (or 7 if you're not an ironman) we can steal from baker's stalls. These are particularly useful because they'll set us up with some additional food which may come in handy for getting higher thieving levels. The only issue with this method is sometimes we can be caught and targeted by wandering guards. However, if we stand in a specific square on top of the baker and steal from the eastern side baker's stall in the Ardougne Market (shown below), we'll stay safe! If you already have plenty of food, at level 20 you might want to switch to H.A.M. members or Silk Stalls until 40. XP per steal: 1360 | 680 | 340 Steals required for level 40: 27 | 53 | 106 Standing in precisely this spot will mean that any guards will never be able to reach us so we can steal in peace 😉 Levels 40 - 70 (Optionally 99) At level 38 we can steal from Master Farmers. I definitely recommend waiting until level 40. Mainly for the extra food but also the increased success rate from level 38 does us a few favours too. Master Farmers are an excellent source herb seeds, if you find yourself after many of these, it's definitely worth staying here until level 99. Master farmers can be found in both Draynor Village Market and the north entrance to East Ardougne. Due to proximity to a bank, I'd suggest the Draynor Village Farmer XP per steal: 3,654 | 1,827 | 914 Steals required for level 70: 193 | 385 | 770 Steals required for level 99: 3,559 | 7,117 | 14,234 Levels 50 - 70 (Optionally 99) At level 50 it is possible for us to move onto Wall Safes. These aren't necessarily better or worse than Master Farmers, it truly depends on your needs. While Master Farmers provide a wide variety of seeds, Wall Safes offer us coins and uncut gems. If crafting experience is more your thing, wall safes are certainly a great alternative. Wall Safes are only found in the Rogue's Den in Burthorpe; we can get there by teleporting to the Warrior's Guild, running east to the nearby pub and going down the trap door inside. You can increase your success rate of cracking Wall Safes by purchasing a Stethoscope from Martin Thwait. XP per steal: 5,950 | 2,975 | 1487.5 Steals required for level 70: 107 | 214 | 428 Steals required for level 99: 2,174 | 4,348 | 8,695 Levels 70 - 80 At level 70 we can switch to Paladins. You can find Paladins wondering around the market in East Ardougne (the location we found the Baker's Stalls!) Each successful pickpocket will reward us with 80 coins and 2 chaos runes. XP per steal: 12,898 | 6,449 | 3224.5 Steals required for level 80: 97 | 194 | 388 Levels 80 - 99 At level 80, it's not a far walk to our final victim... The Hero! Normally situated just outside East Ardougne's marketplace. Sometimes they'll wonder west behind the nearby houses so keep your eyes peeled! They're a great source of experience and provide an assortment of goodies including Blood Runes, Gold Ore and cut Diamonds! For convenience, if you have 49 prayer you can constantly keep Redemption active as further west there is an altar to replenish your prayer points! XP per steal: 23,230 | 11,615 | 5807.5 Steals required for level 99: 476 | 952 | 1,903 Congratulations, you have achieved the knowledge for level 99 thieving! That's it! At this point, you know everything you need to level your thieving skill effectively. Either for some extra items, to max your thieving level or get all the way to 200 million XP. Good luck!
  2. Hello! I'm Miss Swifty, obviously. I'm a bit of a nerd and spend wayyy too much time in-game 😉 I'm a massive Taylor Swift fan if you didn't already know... And some of my other favourite artists are Yonaka, Little Mix, Camila Cabello, Ariana Grande and Ellie Goulding 😄 I don't really do much besides Revon and listen to music... I try to be very friendly and approachable so always feel free to message me in-game, on the forums or on discord and I'll always get back to you as soon as I can. Happy to answer questions, give advice or just have a nice chat 🙂 Thank you!