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Mod Joff

Donator Madness!

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Hey guys!

Currently, as we getting new members,

we are gonna run a little donator event!


Below u will find the reward u get upon donating!

Please note: This is only for donations of 15$ or more!

We will Strike the ones that are claimed!


Lets get into it!

Upon donating an amount of 15$ or more,

you will recieve a little extra!


The first 5 donators will recieve a perk,

for free (!!!) along with their rank or other perks.


The first to donate:

Any perk, worth up to 5$


The second to donate:

Any perk, worth up 4$


The third to donate:

Any perk, worth up to 3$


The fourth to donate:

Any perk, worth up to 3$


The fifth to donate:

Any perk, work up to 3$


This post will be closed after the event is done!

Please contact me, to recieve this little extra.


-Mod Joff

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