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Mod Adam

Bug Reports Guidelines

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Heya guys,

Just a quick heads up before posting bugs of any sort! Please be very specific when reporting a bug. I can't stress enough to be as specific as you can, This not only help's us determine the bug exactly but this also helps the community. Remember the faster we can get to it, the faster it can be fixed! If you are having trouble reporting a bug or trying to the explain the bug screenshots & videos are allowed, but posting videos directly to the forums is NOT ALLOWED, if you do post a video it is to be uploaded on YouTube first then linked here.

  • Please try to find out how to reproduce a bug. This greatly helps in understanding what goes wrong and speeds up fixing the problem enormously!
  • Please check if the bug is already in someone else's active bug report! No need posting it twice.
  • Lag and disconnection issues are not bugs, they are technical problems. They are usually related to your own internet or computer, please do not post them!
  • If you are stuck in-game, please pm an Administrator in-game or on the forums

Please use this guideline when posting a bug. If you are having trouble or need some assistance please contact Adam or Joff.

  • Where was the bug located? :
  • How long did the bug last?
  • Explain in a short summary of what exactly happen : 
  • What NPC was it? :


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